Joy Glover is the founder of the preschool enrichment business model: the system that shows anyone how to create a supplemental or full-time income as they teach preschool arts classes to 1 to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day.

She is the author of How To Start Teaching Enrichment With the Skills You Already Have, as well as the creator of the ultimate preschool business kit: Enrichment In A Box.  Her expert knowledge comes as a direct result from her own experience.




After becoming unemployed in 2002, she struggled with how to create a consistent income doing something she loved. Tired of the on and off cycle of “temping” she refused to settle for low paying administrative jobs. She knew there had to be another option.

Then one day, she remembered teaching private violin lessons to young children in her teens and the satisfaction it gave her. This was her “aha” moment.  Only this time she would focus on filling violin classes.

It dawned on her, by having 8 children in each class she could quadruple her hourly private lesson rate, working smarter not harder.  She then partnered with a community center that would do all the marketing for her, all she had to do was TEACH.

Through trial and error Joy filled up her classes (adding piano and guitar), even growing into providing in school, after-school and summer arts enrichment classes to hundreds of children in the Washington, DC Metro area.

Today, Joy is making it her mission to help others discover their God-given gifts, learn from her mistakes and frustration and show them how they too can create a consistent income teaching arts enrichment classes at preschools.

Since her beginning she has spent years developing and fine-tuning her easy to follow step-by-step system which she teaches online. Through her in-depth training, she is helping thousands learn how to start teaching enrichment, support their families, and make a positive impact in the lives of “our” children.